Terms & Conditions

  1. SaveGadget.com – SUBMISSION/TERMS OF USE, CONDITIONS and TRADEMARKS Below explains the Terms and Conditions that apply between SaveGadget.com and you in regards to payment and the submission of your electronic device(s). These terms also apply to future communications, supplements, and pricing for our website as well as the services we provide, unless stated otherwise.By engaging in business with us, by default, you have consented to our terms. If you DO NOT accept these terms then do not submit or send your electronic devices to SaveGadget.com, as this is a legally binding contract between SaveGadget.com and you. In order to engage in business with us, it is necessary for you as the customer to provide accurate up to date information to us and comply with all laws and regulations applicable to this contract. Please read the following Terms and Conditions before conducting business with us. At SaveGadget.com, we truly believe that success is built upon establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers. We also believe that your products are “worth more” than what our competitors value them at, and we want to provide you with the best price as well as the best experience. We understand that the key to a long term relationship is trust and therefore we encourage you to email us at support@SaveGadget.com for any questions, comments, or concerns. SaveGadget.com is owned and run by SaveGadget.com LLC. and DOES NOT have any affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship with other companies that are mentioned on the website. The brands, copyrights, logos, likenesses as well as the registered trademarks are property of these companies or organizations. This applies to all companies and organizations unless specified otherwise.
  2. Your Privacy: In line with our efforts to maintain a long term relationship, we realize that along with trust comes protecting your privacy. Therefore it is important for you to understand that the information that you provide to us (email, address, phone number, etc.) will be solely used for you and SaveGadget.com to conduct the business you have chosen to engage in. In other words, we will not give out your information to any third party. For products that store any type of files or personal data, for example, a hard drive, please be sure to back up all the information that you would like to use for future reference. Please remove any personal information from the device prior to sending it over to us. At SaveGadget.com we do wipe out all information prior to sending the item out for re-sell but SaveGadget.com does not make a promise of doing so. By sending us your electronic device(s), you are agreeing to release us from any commitment including data security, integrity, etc. SaveGadget.com is NOT responsible for any suffering on your part due to data that is not erased or backed up prior to you sending us your device. Once again, we encourage you to email us at support@SaveGadget.com should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
  3. Pricing Subject to Change: We want to keep the process of submitting your electronics to us as simple as possible. 90% of the time, you will get paid the price you were initially quoted when you chose to submit to us. There are four categories that you can assign your product to. These range from Excellent to Broken.
    • Excellent: This condition is for an item that is new or in nearly perfect condition with 100% functionality.
    • Good: This condition is for an item that has signs of usage but is still in good condition with some signs of wear. This item is still 100% functional.
    • Poor: This condition is for an item that shows excessive signs of wear. Such an item still has 100% functional.
    • Broken: The condition is for an item that is suffering from physical functionality, hard signs of wear as well as possible broken parts. Such an item is still fully functional.

    These categories are broad general statements. On each offer page, you will see more specifics as to what is included in each category for that particular item. SaveGadget.com has the right to change the specifics of each category for a particular item at any time. If you have already sent your item prior to these changes, your offer will not be changed. Some issues may not be obvious when you have chosen to send your electronics to us, and then there are some issues that only our SaveGadget Technical Specialist can pinpoint and that is because they are the best in the industry. Based on their analysis, we may adjust the price of your electronic device accordingly. The probability of this happening to you is 1 out of 10, so feel free to make plans with the money you are about to earn. Adjustments may be made because you have indicated the wrong model of your device or because our specialists feel that the condition of your electronic device is not as you have specified. On a positive note, we may also give you MORE than what you have originally thought you deserved for your product. To avoid disappointment, if you are unsure about how to categorize your electronic device, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

    Please be aware that SaveGadget.com has the sole right to make the final evaluation of all electronic devices sent to us. We will notify you if there is a change in the pricing of your product and you will then have FIVE days to accept the new offer as we know we all live busy lives and need some time to respond to emails. If you have not contacted us within those FIVE days, we will assume that you have accepted the new offer and go ahead and send the adjusted amount to you in the form of payment you have selected by the terms and conditions we have set forth for SaveGadget.com. The length of the validity of the price we have quoted you is valid for 14 DAYS. If we receive your item AFTER the 14-day mark, we will re-evaluate your item and price it at the CURRENT market value. Please be aware that SaveGadget.com has the sole right to end the buying of any product at any time without any type of advanced notice. However, please note that this does not apply to an item(s) for which you have already accepted an offer.

    Damaged/Tampered/Modified Electronic Devices. In our “broken” category, we like to think that we have included the vast majority of extreme damages inflicted on your electronic devices. Certain “extreme” damages are beyond the scope of this category, and if that is the case, we will adjust the price accordingly.

    For those of you who like to challenge yourself by taking apart things and attempting to then put them together; if our Technical Specialists determine that the device(s) has been opened and tampered with or see damages, we will adjust the price we originally offered according to the Terms and Conditions we have set forth for SaveGadget.com.

    Blackberry IT Policies: To determine whether or not your Blackberry has an IT Policy, please use the following steps: Menu-Settings-Options-Security Options-Firewall. If you see that there is a red lock in the upper right-hand corner, this is an indicator that your Blackberry consists of an IT policy. We cannot accept Blackberries with this IT policy because there are restrictions put on your device. Before sending over your Blackberry, please contact your cellphone carrier provider to have this removed.

    Battery Life: Battery Health should be above 80% for all devices. If the battery health is below 80%, the battery will be considered as defective and it will count as defect/issue.

    Engraving: Any device received with a personal engraving will be adjusted accordingly. Generally, the device will be downgraded by one-tier.

  4. Incentive Program: To maintain our long term relationship with our customers, we offer an incentive program in which we give you a set amount for each person you refer us to. We send these payments out in bulk at the end of the month to each of our loyal customers.
  5. The Process:
    • Shipping: Once you have shipped out your electronic device(s), please allow up to five business days for them to get to us. This allows time for the shipping company as well as assuring the devices are delivered to our office.
      Testing: Once we have received your electronic device(s) it takes a period of 48 hours for our Technical Specialists to analyze the status of your device. If you have sent us more than one product this may take up to twice the amount of time. If your device does not include all the necessary accessories for testing, please allow up to an additional five business days for testing.
    • Payment: After we have assessed the status of your phone we will send you your payment in the method you have selected or send you a new offer if we feel that your electronic device(s) is not in accordance to the condition you had originally selected. You will have up to seven days to accept or decline this offer. If you DO NOT respond within the seven-day time frame, we will assume you have accepted our terms, and send you your payment. Please allow up to five to seven days for processing. You always have the ability to track which stage of the process your device(s) are in from your SaveGadget account. Please note that if you select PayPal, you will be responsible for the fee associated with PayPal.
    • Larger Payments: If your order consists of a value of $1000.00 or more, please allow an additional two to three business days for processing.
    • Non-major CDMA: For cell phones that have a carrier which is not a CDMA phone carrier, that is, NOT VERIZON, SPRINT, ALLTELL, your payment may be delayed for three to eight business days for additional processing.
  6. Returns: If we give you a new offer because our Technical Specialists feel as though your own assessment of your device is inaccurate, and you decline the new offer, we will return your electronic device to you for free. If your order has multiple items, we will only return the item that we have sent a new offer for. The remaining items cannot be returned even if you feel that the new offer for the other item was inaccurate. Please note that if you do not respond to our email regarding the new offer within THREE days we will continue with the processing. If your item has NO VALUE in accordance to our assessment and you do not respond to our emails within the THREE days, WE WILL RECYCLE your device. In order to test your device(s), our Technical Specialists do remove the casing and the protective layers of your device. If during this process you ask for your device(s) back please note that SaveGadget.com is NOT responsible for these items. Once a product has been sent to us we do not guarantee that we will return the product or any data that you wish to keep back to us, unless this is because you have chosen to not accept our new offer. Please note that free return shipping does not apply in the following scenarios:
    • Item was significantly misrepresented.
    • Item was found to be reported lost or stolen.
    • Item was found to have an Activation or iCloud lock.
    • Item was found to have a bad ESN or financed IMEI.
  7. Abuse of SaveGadget.com: We understand that you may not be certain of the exact condition of your product and this is why we encourage you to contact us with your questions. We do not like having to go through the process of giving you a new offer as it may occasionally lead to customer dissatisfaction. We do though however, want you to answer the simple questions in the most honest and accurate way possible. Generally, items that are largely misrepresented with major discrepancies are considered abuse of our service and are NOT covered under our Free Return Policy when an adjusted offer is declined due to reasons such as a bad ESN, iCloud/Activation locks, lost or stolen phones, or gross misrepresentation of an item(s). SaveGadget.com has the right to determine whether or not our system has been abused in any way. We will not allow for obvious errors to occur without consequences to the user of our system. If this is the case, we will NOT allow for the free shipping of your electronic device(s) back to you if you request this. The CUSTOMER will be responsible for paying for shipment of their item back to them as well as the cost incurred by us through the use of our prepaid shipping label.
  8. Lost/Damaged Mail: If your electronic device(s) have either been damaged or lost while they are in transit, we at SaveGadget.com will do our best to help find the appropriate resolution for you as a valued customer. It is your responsibility to make sure that your item(s) are fully secure when you ship them. If a package is received and looks to have been damaged due to mishandling, we return the package without opening it. However, if the box is secure and does not look as though anything happened during transit and the item inside was not secure, we will offer you an amount based on the condition we receive the phone in.
  9. Trademarks: All content on SaveGadget.com including content, images, technologies, etc. are the SOLE property of SaveGadget.com and are protected by trademark laws. Content may NOT be used or copied without the consent of SaveGadget.com
  10. Customer Representation: By engaging in business with us and sending us your electronic devices(s) you are representing yourself as someone who is 18 years or older, the owner of the item you are sending to us and agreeing that no other person or group has any rights towards this item. You have the legal authority to transfer the ownership of this device to us without any hindrances. You are also consenting that the device you are sending to us is not stolen. Items that are stolen, fake, or counterfeit, will be turned over to federal authorities. We have ZERO tolerance for such items. These items will not be sent back to you as it is considered mail fraud. These items will be immediately destroyed and recycled. If you have questions regarding the legitimacy of your product, please do not hesitate to contact us PRIOR to sending the item to us.
  11. Improper Information: If your item arrives without the correct information or without the appropriate package receipt or return labels we will keep track of your item, and pay you the amount on the website that coincides with the receipt we have on record. After testing your item if we discover that the price is different, we will pay you the new amount, if we can match the item to the said owner. Since we do not have the proper return information, this price is final if we are able to match you to your information. In order to avoid all these complications please make sure the appropriate information is shipped out along with your electronic device(s).
  12. Legal Disputes: ALL legal disputes will be handled through Arbitration WITH NO ATTORNEYS.
  13. Affiliated Companies: A customer that engages in business with SaveGadget.com via an affiliated website understands that SaveGadget.com is NOT responsible for any concerns the customer may have beyond the scope of the terms and conditions that are mentioned here. For example, if you do not like the process you have to go through with the BBB, that is not an issue to bring forward to us. Such complaints should be brought forth with the company that you have the grievances with and NOT SaveGadget.com.