Galaxy S22 5G

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Is Your Gadget Ready for New Activation?

Our company accepts CLEAN devices and with Bad IMEI. There are a few conditions when the device considered Clean. Once you paid off the device and unattached from the current service plan – it becomes clean and ready for activation under another account.
We recommend contacting your carrier and verify that the phone doesn’t have a financing plan and can be activated on another account.

There are several factors why your device has Bad IMEI like: currently being active on the account; unpaid bills or reported Lost / Stolen. If your gadget has Bad IMEI / ESN or is Blacklisted we may deduct an additional up to 75% from the estimated quote.

Also, be advised does not buy Lost or Stolen devices or with Activation Lock.

Apple devices may have the Cloud account active on it or Find My Phone app installed. Please, follow the instruction on the official Apple website to remove it before sending to us Link Here

Android devices usually are connected to your Google Account. Please, remove it before sending to us. Follow this link to see detailed instruction Here